Sharon Blackman

Sharon Blackman Head Coach

Why Choose Fencing?

Fencing is a fun, energetic sport that has been popular throughout history. It is very action packed and full of variety. The atmosphere at the club is very friendly and everyone welcomes new faces. Fencing is a very sociable sport and it is easy to make friends, both from the club and competitions.


Fencing helps to keep you fit by improving your stamina, reflexes and strength. It is a sport that demands not only physical strength but also intelligence. It is all about figuring out how your opponent thinks.

Fencing is engaging and fulfilling, providing many advantages to both young and old, beginners and more advanced fencers. It requires discipline and adaptation, while still remaining fun throughout.

Beginners' Courses

If you have never tried fencing before and would like to give it a go, our adult beginners' courses could be perfect for you. In the past our courses have been very successful, with many beginners deciding to continue with fencing after completing their course. The courses include an overview of the rules of fencing, footwork and blade-work lessons, a chance to try out all three weapons and the electric scoring equipment, and a friendly competition with prizes to finish the course. All this is supervised by Chichester Fencing Club's award winning coach, Sharon Blackman.
Don't worry if you've missed one because Chichester Fencing Club will continue to run courses throughout the year as well as welcoming new people to any session.

Please contact us for more information.