Sharon Blackman

Sharon Blackman Head Coach

9th City of Chichester Open 2017

Chichester District Council
The Westgate Leisure Centre

City of Chichester Open

Saturday June 10th 2017
Sunday June 11th 2017

City of Chichester Open 2017 

Report by Sharon Blackman

Having panicked several times during the preceding 5 months watching the entries crawl in, we were delighted that there were 83 entries for the men’s épée, of whom 76 actually attended. The competition proceeded at a brisk pace, thanks to Alex Savin’s high-speed computer work, even though the start was slightly delayed by late arrivals. The standard of the event was wonderful, culminating in a breath-taking final between Jon Willis and Owen Jordan, both of Leon Paul Epee Club. The fight twisted constantly with both fencers displaying fantastic levels of prowess and athleticism with Jordan winning by the narrowest of margins.

The ladies event started on time (early) and also made good progress. By 3pm, the competition was running 30 minutes ahead of the timetable, which was impressive, given the number of fencers. The ladies event was certainly much smaller than the men’s but just as rich in fencing talent with another nail-biting final to thrill the audience; Louise Sadler from Malvern Hills Sword Fencing narrowly losing to the new champion Justine Geroudet, once again from Leon Paul Epee.

As soon as the final of the individual was concluded, the Team event began. There were 16 teams taking part, and the teams fenced for all places. It was a hard-fought and very enjoyable event, the final a thrill a second mixture of technical, mental and physical skills rarely witnessed; with the trophy going to the awesome team from Redhill and Reigate after their fantastically entertaining final against Leon Paul Epee.

The foil entries were still very low, but the event contained a lovely mixture of novice fencers for whom this was their first competition, and some of Britain’s finest young athletes, which was excellent news. There was enthusiastic and skilful fencing throughout, followed by another gripping final between ZFW’s Matthew Abrahams and Chichester’s Isaac Jolley, with Jolley becoming champion by the narrowest of margins, both young men illustrating how elegant and athletic foil fencing at its best can be. The ladies event was also small but select with some beautiful but highly competitive bouts for everyone to enjoy. The final was fenced with panache between Crawley Sword’s Chiara McDermott and the Academy’s Rachel Kwok with Chiara once again taking the title with her usual display of style and modesty. As soon as the Individual event was finished, the Team event started. There were four foil teams, and the teams fenced for all places in a real spirit of fun, with moves seen that have never been tried before and are possibly best left that way!!! In an exciting and certainly entertaining final, Chichester Plus, (the plus being the wonderful Matthew Abrahams) won the Dave Lichfield Cup, with the lovely Dave presenting it himself.

It must be noted that, despite the enthusiasm of those who attended the foil competition this year, the numbers were so low that the organisers feel that the foil event will not be sustainable in future years unless there is a change in the support given. Suggestions for an improvement in entry numbers can be sent to Please give us your support as we are trying very hard to make this event a pleasurable and successful experience for everyone who enters.

2017 Results:

Men's Foil

Men's Epee

Women's Foil

Women's Epee

David Lichfield Cup Winning Team: Chichester Plus


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